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Nutrition is not just about losing weight, but about improving our life overall and promoting well-being through the creation of healthy eating habits.

One on One

Some of us just want someone to watch over us, while others just need encouragement and psychological support. Either way, the personal relationship between the nutritionist and the patient is a key element of nutrition coaching and can be an important factor in success on the path to well-being. It is important for the nutrition coach to know YOU personally and in depth, to learn your habits, your view on food and your lifestyle. With mutual trust and dedication you can change your life for the better.






Nutrition Coaching

In essence, “Nutrition Coaching” is a sleek and concise way for me to define my personal view of nutrition.
More specifically, eating right in the context of a specific diet plan with a specific time frame and specific goals is only 50% of the effort and the ultimate goal.
The remaining 50% is the cultivation of “healthy habits” as I like to call them, in the context of our daily lives and our diet. I believe that the second half of the effort is the most important, as it is the basis for maintaining the desired results in the long run and the overall improvement of our health.
In this fight for a better quality of life and nutritional balance, I am also your coach (hence the term nutritional coaching) and your companion. Our goal is to reach a level where you have mastered the control and understanding of your eating habits, so that you can control yourself, almost subconsciously, your eating behavior.
To “learn again” together to eat better for a better life.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition mainly deals with the evaluation of the nutritional status of people suffering from diseases that are directly or indirectly related to their diet, with the ultimate goal of improving their health or their treatment. The framework of clinical nutrition and dietetics includes the definition of specific goals, the creation of a specialized diet and the nutritional training of the patient so that he can better manage his problem.



Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaching, also known as Sports Nutrition, touches on the very special and specific requirements and needs that arise from professional or amateur involvement in a particular sport. In this case, the nutritional needs of an athlete, being drastically different from those of the average person, even someone who is physically active, prescribe a completely personalized diet plan with clearly stricter criteria and parameters.
Especially in cases of preparation for a competitive season or a sporting event, the customization and personalization of an athlete’s diet can have a direct impact on that athlete’s performance.
Fitness coaching is mainly aimed at professionals who have specific requirements and goals but can also be a useful tool for amateur athletes (marathon runners, joggers, etc.) who simply want to improve their performance in the context of their involvement in the sport of their choice.

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