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Quarantine menu

Quarantine menu

Having recently gone into ockdown conditions for the second time, the majority of our day is spent at home. This situations however can increase our weight, due both to increased food consumption, as well as reduced physical activity.
On the other hand, using proper management, staying at home can help us better organise our meals, our cooking time and the preparation of nutritious options.
Below is an indicative dietary programme for the quarantine period that is designed both to boost our immune system, as well as help us lose or maintain our weight.


• 2% yoghurt with oats, honey and 3 nuts
• 1 glass of fruit juice, 2 pieaced of wholemeal toasted bread, light cheese and vegetables
• Wholegrain bread toasted sandwich with light cream cheese, turkey, lettuce, avocado

Morning snack

• 2 pieces of wholemeal rusk with tomato, light cheese and olives
• 1 piece of fruit with dried nuts (1 handful)
• 2 pieces of toasted bread with honey and tahinι (sesame paste)


• Roasted sea bream with boiled vegetables (ex. greens) and 1 medium-sized boiled potato
• Roasted chicken breast with quinoa and seasonal salad
• Green salad with black-eyed peas, tuna, onion, cottage cheese, avocado and 2 pieces of wholemeal rusk
• Pork steak with brown rice and seasonal salad
• Whole grain spaghetti with sauteed minced chicken and seasonal salad

Afternoon snack

• 1-2 pieces of fruit with dried nuts
• Almond milk smoothie with 2 pieces of fruit and a spoonful of oats
• Fruit salad with 2 soup spoonfuls of 2% yoghurt


• Green salad with tuna, corn, red beans, avocado
• Pitta wrap with light cream cheese, boiled egg, avocado, mushrooms, lettuce and pepper
• Omellette (1 egg, 2 egg whites) with light cheese, corn, mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes & 1 rusk