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“Corporate Seminars”

In addition to private calls and experiential seminars, we also offer services on a corporate level. An increasing number of companies are realising that the wellbeing and health of their employees are factors that can affect their productivity, and consequently the progress of they company. Below you can find our basic set of corporate seminars, as well as other services directed towards professionals.


“Nutrition & Productivity”

Is our nutrition linked to our professional performance? Surely for some, this is a strange correlation however, as all participants in this session realise, the “fuel” that we provide our body with, can have an unexpetedly important effect on our day-to-day life and even affect how efficient we are at our profession.


“Tailor-made seminars”

Depending on the company’s profile and the requirements, we can design an interactive nutritional seminar for all the members, that can be both interesting, informative and pleasant.


“Nutrition & Wellness”

This seminar serves as an extention of the “Nutrition & Productivity” session, where we focus on overall wellness and the contribution that our diet has in improving our quality of life, putting aside productivity, as well as the traditional topic of “weight control”. This seminar shows us the true gravity our nutritional habits can have on our life as a whole.


“Overview & editing of low-calorie/ vegan menu and calorimetry ”

In collaboration with the chef, we can edit your restaurant’s menu, in order to ensure that the menu choice have the stamp of a nutritionist approval, both with regards to caloric content as well as their nutritional value or their vegan nature.

“Nutritional analysis of prepackaged food products”

“Caloric value analysis of ingredients & compilation of complete nutritional tables”

According to existing Greek and E.U. Legislation, all prepackaged nutritional products are obligated to include complete nutritional tables on their packaging, making full mention of all their component nutritional elements for the benefit of the consumer.