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About the Coach

What I do for a living?

We are not here to diet... we're here to build healthy nutritional habits!

I prefer to define my line of work in more interpersonal and human terms: to me, any patient walking through my office door is a person who has decided for themselves that they trully want to improve their live, either for medical or personal reasons. You should see me more as guide and companion on your own path towards a better life: your personal coach in the “sport” of building and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits, that will help you achieve your final goal, as well as improve your overall quality of life.

It always seems impossible until it is done

Why is coaching important?

Our doctor and our dieticial can halp anyone of us better understand what we need to change in our nutrition as well as our lifestyle. Turning those realisations into actual changes is where most people encounter difficulty. Our nutritional coach helps us move from «wanting to be healthy» to «becoming healthy» by offering both nutritional instructions as well as psychological support and guidance during this transition, so that the patient is motivated to complete the necessary changes that will lead them to an improved level of quality of life as well as health. Nutritional coaching bridges the gap between wanting to change and trully changing, in a way that brings results and lasts.


Studies and Accolades

Technically speaking, I am a Clinical Dietologist – Nutritionist, a graduate of the Harokopion University of Athens, Greece holding an Msc in Dietology-Nutrition from the University of Glasgow, and a specialisation in Clinical Nutrition. For the past few years I have been teaching nutrition in both public and private academic institutions, doing seminars aimed at personal self-improvement via nutrition and at the same time, while working at the Nutricenter Diet Center and in collaboration with various public and private hospitals (Sismanogleion General Hospital, Tzaneion General Hospital, Gennimatas General Hospital, Hippocratio General Hospital, Evgenidio Therapeftirio, Henry Dunant Hospital Center) I have been offering nutritional support to a multitude of people seeking to improve their quality of life, through improved nutrition.

Tips, recipes & articles

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