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What is nutrition coaching?

Nutrition coaching is the latest development in the field of nutrition. Nutrition coaching represents a more personalized approach and the design of a nutritional plan according to each patients specific characteristics, which enhances the importance of the support the patient receives from their nutritionist. Much like the success of athletes is partially depended on their coaches, the success of a patient is based, to a larger percentage than what we imagine, also to the active presence and support they get from their nutritionist.

Nutritional Coaching

Develop healthy eating habits and earn the wellness and physical health you deserve!

Clinical Coaching

Boost and improve your health through a healthy diet.

Fitness Coaching

Learn how nutritional science can help you improve your athletic performance!

Coaching & Seminars

Learn the basics of proper nutrition and how to improve you life overall by adopting the correct nutritional habits!

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Corporate Services

Apart from private services and experiential seminars, we also offer our services on a corporate level as well.

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Don’t simply rely on what we may say, our best judges are our clients and associates.

Very friendly and approachable doctor. She suggested multiple alternatives for all issues we discussed. Of course I’d recommend her!

Sophia K.

Fully informed, calm and friendly, she inspires trust and helps you want to keep on going! I’d recommend her without any hesitation.

Ioli G.

An excellent scientist, very polite, she instantly won me over! I was inspired to create new, healthier habits for myself. Thankfully! I found a wonderful person with excellent knowledge background to complete my goal! She gives you motivation to try!!!

Fotini M.


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